Yoga Classes Milton Keynes

Welcome to Gentle Hatha Yoga with Jan

Yoga Classes Milton Keynes

Take time out to relax and renew each day! 

Gentle yoga can be practiced by just about anyone, regardless of age or physical condition. It is especially great for people with injuries, pain, mobility or health issues.

A gentle yoga practice is a great choice for anyone who is afraid they are not flexible or fit enough to do the yoga poses. 

So, if that sounds like you ….then my gentle beginners class is just for you! 

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Beginners Yoga Milton Keynes

To give you the gift that is Yoga, to enjoy and pass it on wherever it takes you 

Hatha yoga is one of the oldest forms of Yoga, meaning gentle poses to balance your mind and body, working alongside the breath.  I will guide you safely through the postures and their benefits, helping you develop your knowledge of your own body and mind. 

Rest and reset.

My straightforward approach is gentle Hatha Yoga postures to take and guide you through a fun, friendly and relaxing class that will leave you feeling fitter, stronger, relaxed and happier than when you arrived!

In my personal ten years of practice, in many different forms of Yoga, I now want to share my passion about it with you. Yoga fits in all walks of life. As a compliment to all other exercises or as a stand-alone. Exercise from the inside out. Yoga is for everyone! 

Just a few of the benefits:
Taking joints through their full range of motion. Think of it as an MOT for your body
Lowers blood pressure, stress, heart rate. Aids sleep
Helps improve your balance and flexibility
It keeps your spine supple, reducing back pain
Improves your circulation and flexibility
Strengthens your bones through your own weight-bearing
Low impact, won't stress and strain your joints
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Hatha Yoga Milton Keynes

Gentle Hatha Yoga

Also Suitable for Beginners
Mondays and Wednesdays, 7.15pm-8.15pm
Price: £8.50 per session
Discounts available for block bookings

For beginners and those who want a slower paced session
Special Note: No previous experience required
Yoga mat can be borrowed if required, wear comfortable clothing. Bring a water bottle.
Chair Yoga Milton Keynes

Chair Yoga

Saturday morning at 10:30 AM for a revitalising Chair Yoga session.
Price: £8.50 per session
Ideal for those with mobility limitations, or anyone looking for a gentle workout.

Expect to enhance your balance, strengthen your core, and enjoy the support of a welcoming community. Bring a Pillow / Cushion!